Dibble Transport Limited has a long history in Te Awamutu, dating back to 1953 when brothers Eric and Collin Dibble began fertiliser spreading. Prior to then, all fertiliser spreading done on Waikato farms was carried out by farmers working from bags emptied into drills and towed behind their tractors. The bags were transported from Auckland on general flat-deck trucks and loaded and unloaded by hand.

A history of success in transport

When Eric and Colin Dibble decided bulk spreading could be done quicker and cheaper, there wasn’t a bulk spreader anywhere in New Zealand. The brothers built their own design and set up an operation at Te Mawhai, south of Te Awamutu.

Eric and Colin continued looking for better performing trucks to cope with difficulties in the paddock, and began designing and manufacturing specialist spreading trucks.

For the next 20 years, Dibble Bros Ltd continued to haul and spread bulk fertiliser through out the central Waikato.

The business had grown considerably and in 1963 moved its depot to Te Awamutu.

The next step was the shift to running bulk truck and trailer units hauling other bulk products.

ln 1979, Dibble Bros sold the spreading side of its business to concentrate on bulk hauling, running and increasing fleet of mainly Macks until 1980, when Eric and Colin decided to move onto other things.

ln 1980 Dibble brothers sold the bulk trucks and the company was renamed Dibble lndependent.

ln 1997 three shareholder Barry Stamp, Geoff Dibble and Derek Smith brought out the other two shareholders and inquired the business buildings and property acquired by the company over the years.

The business was renamed Dibble Transport (1997) Ltd, with Barry Stamp taking over sole ownership in 2005. His Son Mitchell Stamp who grew up with the company and wife Gina purchased Dibble Transport 1997 Ltd in 2013. Barry since has moved onto owning and running a fleet of Cement tankers called Dibble Bulk Transport.

Dibble Transport would like to thank there customers and suppliers for there long standing support and has enjoyed a long and successful association with them.


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